On December 14, 2019 I graduated from the Duke School of Nursing Endocrinology Specialty. This specialty is a rigorous yearlong program that focuses on diabetes management and other endocrine problems like thyroid, bone disorders, obesity, pituitary/adrenal and other endocrine disorders. This program was created to meet the demand of a shortage of endocrine specialists in the country and it is the first of its kind in the USA. Ninety percent of this program focuses on diabetes management since this is among the endocrine disorders on the rise throughout the country. At the end of this program, candidates are required to spend time in endocrinology clinics managing endocrinology disorders. I did spend some time from September to the end of November, 2019 at the Sanford Diabetes Center in Bismarck, ND where I was learning more in diabetes management. This was very beneficial not only for a future endocrine provider, but also for a primary care provider who sees some of the disorders in our clinics, mostly diabetes and thyroid disorders. This program uses evidence based current guidelines from the American Diabetes Association, Endocrine Society and American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.