A Look Back

A Rich History of Care and Compassion

It was the passion and conviction of one man, William E. Huber, that eventually brought medical services to Wishek area residents.

  • 1949


    The newly formed Wishek Hospital and Clinic Association held a fundraising drive to raise $80,000 toward the cost of building its first hospital.

  • 1954


    The Wishek Community Hospital opened its doors with a staff of 13 and beds for 16 patients in eight double rooms. What had begun as one man’s dream was now the pride of the community.

  • 1960s


    The hospital responded to the increasing healthcare needs of McIntosh and Logan Counties by adding an 11-bed wing and many new services.

  • 1977


    The community’s first clinic was built.

  • 1980s


    A major construction and renovation project was completed. These improvements were followed by a major capital campaign to add a new x-ray machine and replace all windows. Conversion to computerization began in 1988; patient registration and billing, payroll, accounts payable and financial reporting were the first to make the transition.

  • 1990s


    Wishek Hospital Clinic Association branched out into management of clinics in Napoleon, Gackle and Kulm and satellite clinics in Fredonia, Lehr, Zeeland and Streeter, bringing the total number of clinics under the hospital’s direction to eight. During the same time period, the clinics obtained rural health status, and physician assistants and family nurse practitioners were added to the medical staff.

    Extensive new high-tech equipment was installed at the hospital, and a home health agency and licensed social worker were added. These enhancements greatly expanded the resources available to patients, thus providing many of the medical services available in larger cities.

  • 2000


    A fourth major capital campaign funded expansion of the Wishek Clinic, and, in 2018, all patient rooms and emergency rooms were updated.

  • 2019


    Wishek Hospital Clinic Association was renamed South Central Health to further align the community clinics, emphasize our commitment of care for residents of south-central North Dakota, and to position the hospital and clinic facilities for a future just as prosperous as its past.