Carly Sanders, of Wishek, says two experiences from her childhood steered her in the path of becoming a nurse — at the age of 10, comforting a family friend whose husband had died, and, seven years later, performing CPR on a person. Sanders grew up in Fredonia, a small town in the southeast quadrant of the state. She recalls a blizzard taking hold of the area the year she turned double digits, causing life-threatening travel conditions. Read more….

The Wishek Hospital and Clinics Board of Directors have voted earlier this year to change the organization’s official operating title to “South Central Health.” The vote took place at the board’s July 16, 2019 meeting.

“By adopting a name that encompasses our region of the state, rather than focusing solely on Wishek, we are signaling to residents and medical facilities throughout south-central North Dakota that we are here for them, and we want to work together,” said Harry Hagel, president of the Board of Directors. “Also, medical facilities across the country are shifting to an emphasis on health and wellness. As we, too, prepare for the future, our name should reflect it – hence the incorporation of the word ‘health’ in the new name.”

“In addition to focusing on wellness, patients will continue to receive the same top-quality health care services,” said Bev Vilhauer, CEO of Wishek Hospital and Clinics. “In recent months, the hospital has been exploring ways to incorporate more wellness services targeted specifically to the needs of area residents. The new services and events we are planning will help keep our communities healthy.”

“Maintaining a high-quality healthcare delivery system is vital to the future of our communities and region,” Hagel said. “The changes now underway will make our system stronger and will help ensure local health care remains available for future generations.”